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Night Sky Mobile

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Let your baby gaze upon this aquarelle painted beauty

When lying on its back, the baby has no other way than look to the sky:

The girl is cuddling a cloud, or maybe even hiding among them. Only the sky's the limit and clouds are the material dreams are made of.

Illustrated by the artist Christina Freiberg. 

The Watercolour Mobiles are printed on 300gr. paper. Hanging in a linen string with a woolen felt bead and a 4mm. fsc-certified birch plywood cloud / star.

Measurements: aprox. 76/100mm. x 200mm.

Made in Denmark by the Loullou team

LOULLOU was started by Lærke Rune who is a Copenhagen based product and furniture Designer, graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.
“The name “Loullou” is the first spoken words of my first born daughter Karla.” Lærke explains. “Before Karla developed her linguistic skills she found peace in a little simple silk scarf. It was her most precious thing and she cuddled it, stroked it softly round her cheek and nuzzled it between her fingers. She called this special cuddly-silk-scarf LOULLOU. From this simple, soft and pure scarf the seeds for LOULLOU-universe were sown and the name was born.”
The LOULLOU-universe is a special place, thought and designed specially to stimulate all stages in our children's development in a pure and natural way. It is of the utmost importance that all products and manufacturing are made from sustainable and organic materials, that is why all wood used in the LOULLOU-universe are FSC-certified. Forests matter and so does our children’s health. LOULLOU only uses organic materials and paint in their production line and all products are easy to assemble with no use of adhesives.
LOULLOU believes that children's development is closely linked to natural and free imagination. Using natural materials and earthbound colors emphasize and helps to stimulate that behavior in all stages of our children's growth and development.
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