CouCou's Play Room

CouCou's Play Room is filled with gorgeous toys, arts & crafts, pretend play, books and more for you and the little ones to explore.  
Whether your child wants to stack and tumble soft infant or handcrafted wooden blocks, play make-believe with a beautiful retro kitchen, get their hands into some eco play-dough, use the art table to draw a masterpiece or simply read a book with you in a cosy corner of our playhouse, we welcome all to enjoy this special area of CouCou, located just behind the shop.  
Drop in or become a CouCou Play member today and enjoy 10% off classes.
Drop-in's: $12 
- includes up to 2 children per family
- adults and infants under 3 months are free
Membership: $175
- unlimited visits for a full year

- includes up to 2 children per family or accompanying adult
- each additional child is $60, or can pay single reduced rate drop-in fee ($8) per visit
- adults and infants under 3 months are free.  
Purchase online here
- All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult
- All attendees must sign a Liability Waiver which remains on file at CouCou
- CouCou's Play Room does not allow drop-offs or unaccompanied children to visit 
- CouCou, its owners and staff are not liable for children who visit the play room for play 
   or classes. 
The Play Room is open Tuesday through Sunday during store hours, except during class or event times.  Class or event times during which the play room is not open currently are: 
- Tuesday's / 10am - 11:15am
- Wednesday's / 3:15pm - 6pm
- Friday's / 10:30am - 12:15pm

- Saturday's / 4:00pm - 5pm 
Call ahead anytime to confirm schedules: 617-936-4082
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