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Pointillism Painting with Sticks Art Kit

$ 45.00
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A painting activity to create 4 designs. The child has 4 small sticks to dip in the paint, which he or she then places on the illustrations. A simple and beautiful way to paint.

• Painting activity from 3 years old.
• Develops the precision of gestures.
• High quality, easy-wash paint.
• A palette to measure out the paint and a tablecloth to protect the table are included.
• An explanatory booklet in color with pictures only.
• Learning patterns thanks to a consistent shape.
• This product's packaging is FSC Certified (Mix)

Contents: 4 picture cards (5.12" x 6.3" ), 4 bottles of gouache (30 ml), 1 palette
4 wooden sticks, 1 protective tablecloth and 1 explanatory booklet in color.
Measurements: 5.12" x 6.3"

Recommended for ages 3-6 years

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