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The rabbit lives in the garden, the cow in the meadow and the frog in the pond. Where does the carrot belong?
In the vegetable garden!
Quick! Rabbit needs to land in the vegetable garden!

A game that promotes the development of sequential skills and understanding consequences, and encourages communication between toddlers and their parents or caregivers.

Recommended for ages 3+ years


Djeco is an all time favorite brand. For any child who likes to colour and make things, Djeco has a gorgeous array of activities, from puzzles to gel pastels to clay modelling. The supplies are top quality, the presentation gorgeous and the instructions clear and easy. 
What really stands out though is the games and creatures they invent. Their use of colour and design is stellar. Their mobiles are a MUST see. They employ some of the world's top artists and illustrators. Their love for craft, childhood and beautiful things shines through and makes this brand really singular.

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