Grand Prix Play Set

$ 86.00
The new waytoplay Grand Prix flexible road set will set young hearts racing! Watch your children create their very own circuits and road maps for their favorite little race cars and other vehicles. Fully compatible with our other Waytoplay sets.
Grand Prix features:
  • 24 track parts, flexible and durable toy circuit (circuit length 384 cm)
  • 16 curves with Grand Prix stripes and curbstones
  • 6 straights with Grand Prix stripes and starting grid
  • 1 straight with Grand Prix stripes and finish line
  • 1 straight with Grand Prix stripes and pit box

      Product Size: Track width: 4.5 in.

      Age: 3 years +

      Safety: Manufactured according to the stringent American (ASTM) and European (EN-71) Toy Safety standards

      Made In: The Netherlands


      Waytoplay is the flexible toy road from The Netherlands. Waytoplay flexible toy road parts come in a number of shapes and prints. The road parts are printed on both sides with different road markings to offer lots of variation. The shapes of the parts are straight, curved or crossed so that you can make any road, city or race track. The waytoplay range consists of five starter sets in different lengths. Each set features a selection of easy to connect road parts to lay out different roads or race tracks. It is all up to the imagination of the children. The flexible toy roads are a Dutch design by Sybren Jelles. All materials are sourced and manufactured in Germany and the roads are printed, finished and assembled by a social enterprise in The Netherlands. The high grade, child safe material is tough, unbreakable and yet flexible so that obstacles can be taken and the roads can be laid out on almost any surface... indoors and out! The parts can be cleaned with dish soap and warm water and are easily stacked and stored. Waytoplay flexible toy roads are available from 12 to 40 pieces per play set. The cars are not included as we do not want to interfere with the children's favorite cars and toys. Waytoplay is the collaborative toy and wants to be combined with all other toys. With playful greetings, team waytoplay toys

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