Bingo, Gatcha Gatcha Machine

$ 62.00
This adorable toy looks like an old-time gumball machine, but it’s actually a bingo machine! Turn the star and see which numbers appear from 1 to 50, then match them in a row on the cards to win. How about using the numbers to count or teach math? Also comes with a lovely cloth bag to help keep it tidy. There are 30 special bingo cards so get your game on! Contents 50 number beads, and 30 sheets of bingo cards in a cotton bag.

 5" W x  9.2" H x  5.5" L

Beech wood with PET plastic sphere / paper (cards) / cotton (bag)

Designed and made in Japan

Kukkia have been designing toys from Japan for over 7 years - we find inspiration in our passions, our travels, our loved pets and our children. Our designs and toys are regularly featured in fashion and children's magazines around the world, and we often partner with discerning companies on joint projects. 

Our previous partnerships have included Muji, Lanvin, Bon Point and Air France to name a few.

Our head office is in Osaka, Japan 

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