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Valentine Sticker Box

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This box of 34 individual peel and stick Valentine's Day labels is suitable for the adornment of a whole variety of romantic correspondence and gifts. Drawn from a variety of vintage sources, including vintage school Valentines, the images range form the silly to the sweet and lend themselves to a wide range of potential Valentine's uses. Imported.

Dimensions: 6" w x 4.75" h  

Made in China

Laughing Elephant is a publisher of greeting cards, gifts, and stationery products emphasizing graphic design, great illustration, childhood, friendship and idealism. Founded as Green Tiger Press in 1967 by Harold and Sandra Darling, following their vision of bringing beautiful lost or forgotten images back into the public eye. Along the way, the 'Good Dog, Carl' series of best-selling children's books was created. Laughing Elephant is now the exclusive source of Good Dog Carl cards and prints, available signed by Alexandra Day and Carl. In 1993 the company moved to Seattle renamed Laughing Elephant. Laughing Elephant is now a second generation family business, headed by Chev Darling, and still passionate about Connecting People through Vintage. We have a very large library of antique illustrated books and pictorial ephemera collected over 50 years of shopping in flea markets, antique shops, bookshops and estate sales. This collection provides a rich resource of beautiful images to fuel our unique designs. We believe that the authenticity of our sources enables us to create products that have a particular power to inspire and connect people. We also commission modern artists, such as Hooligan Ruth and Corey Steffen, whose aesthetic broadens our offerings. A collaboration with Random House and Diane Muldrow's "Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book" allows us to offer images taken from the beloved Little Golden Books in a variety of forms.