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Backpack STARTER XL Multi Rose

$ 100.00
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The Starter XL was designed for older students who need to carry lots of stuff. This bag is extra roomy yet chic in size. 

These featherweight, ergonomic backpacks have sturdy form and structure making them comfortable and stylish! The line expands into sling bags, cosmetic bags, pencil cases and more.

All bags have little "perforations" on them to allow for customizing with "Nimix". This gives children the superpower of self-expression - initials, characters, and quirky motifs complete the range of “Nimix”.

Size: 16" H x 11" W x 5.5" D

Exterior Material: Eva / Silicone
Lining: 100% polyester

Recommended Age: 8+ yrs.

Recommended Use: School bag for middle and high school.

Safe for children.

Products are weather-resistant. Wipe Clean.

Designed in USA. Made in China.

Light plus Nine is on a mission to address posture issues stemming from heavy backpacks; they have designed an entire realm of featherweight bags for children to wear, explore, and customize. Innovation wasn’t just the first step of the brand process. They added the fun element of customizing from a large range of Nimix. It is part of every child’s self-adorned experience - young minds should think bigger and young backs should stand taller!