Firming and Cellulite Smoother

$ 57.00

Only your love grows! Triple action, concentrated which helps reduce cellulite on all fronts: volume, firmness, and anti-stretchmark. Specially designed for skin care during pregnancy and throughout the wondrous adventure of motherhood.

It is proven that bringing a baby into the world multiplies your capacity for love to an extent you would never have imagined, but the body prepares itself too, by accumulating extra layers of fat. Reducing unnecessary fat without affecting your baby is possible with our anti-cellulite and firming concentrate, which also features ingredients of aromatherapy that heighten your sense of happiness, straight up to the level of a mother’s love: infinite.

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite by more than 38%*.
  • Stimulates the elimination of fat (lipolysis) by over 60%*.
  • Increases the skin’s firmness and stimulates the synthesis of elastin.
  • Reduces the thickness of stretch marks by more than 22%*.
  • Compatible with breastfeeding.
  • With innovative anti-pollution agents that protect the skin in different weather conditions.
  • Applicable during and after pregnancy.
  • With ingredients that help lower stress and cortisol levels and enhance your happiness.
  • Includes prebiotics which maintains healthy skin, restoring microbiological balance.

* Clinical test results in active ingredients.

Me and Me was born to help you enjoy this great adventure that is being a mother. For this, they have created our range of high-efficiency cosmetic solutions for pregnant women and recent mothers. A line of products that responds to your specific needs, treating and preparing your skin for all the changes you will experience in this vital stage that is so important.

MineMine Kids is the first “ shop in shop” for global, natural personal care products that addresses the age and stages of a child’s skin care needs. Our community of brands are committed to developing a healthy skin care regime at an early age. We deliver high quality, natural products from around the world.

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