Mr. Elliott 50x70cm Limited Edition Print

$ 74.00

… Elliot sits, frozen in time, gazing out at the dazzling horizon. With the golden mane blowing gently in the wind, a tear slowly finds its way down his glowing cheek. Yet again, he has bid farewell to a friend and his mission is complete. With honour. With his unwavering presence and the courage to stare down fear, he is an inspiration to children who have seen their own sense of courage and adventure disappear.

The Poster measure 50x70 cm and is printed on 170 g Munken Polar Rough matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original in watercolor. Limited edition, when it's sold out, it is sold out forever.

…Elliott sitter länge och tittar ut mot den svindlande horisonten. Den gula manen blåser i vinden och i ögat faller långsamt en tår. Ännu en gång har han sagt farväl till en vän och hans uppdrag är avslutat. Med bravur. Genom sin ständiga närvaro och sin förmåga att utmana rädslan tar han hand om barn vars mod och äventyrslust försvunnit.

Postern är 50x70 cm och tryckt på 170g Munken Polar Rough matt papper för att bibehålla den fina känslan av originalet i akvarell. Limiterad upplaga, när den är slut är den slut för alltid.


"All of a sudden it was love. Such is life. Or, as Anna said, "This must be seen by the world." Said and done, more water was mixed with colour, ideas became reality, proofing went into sharp prints, illustrations became framed paintings, our beloved characters got the name and magical personalities, word got into action and so on.

We sell print made from original paintings in watercolor stuffed full of fantasy, history, mystery and colors that we simply like. Suitable for grown ups and kids. We hope you like what we do!"

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