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Kids Bath Salts FOAMING, Purple

$ 17.50

Funny shaker with purple salts for kid's bath.
Green Salts is especially formulated to respect children’ sensitive skin.

The pastel purple!

Kids will have no more excuses to skip the bath, they will happily jump in!
With Purple Snap, the bathtub becomes a playground and a relaxing break.

Kids can choose the right purple hue, all they have to do is add more or less salt.
Our bath salts leave no stains on skin or bathtub. Just a quick rinse and you’re done!

Vegan, cruelty free, preservatives-free, dermatologically tested

A magical moisturizing recipe

Green Snap contains:
- Camomile (ideal for relaxing little monsters before bedtime)
- Sweet almond oil
- Sunflower oil
- Vitamin E

Recyclable packaging.

To be used for kids aged 3 and over.
Essentiel reminder: keep constant supervision on your kid bath time. 

Made in Poland

Our nail polishes and their ingredients are not tested on animals (vegan and cruelty-free). But we’re not boasting—it’s the law in France, plain and simple!

We’re not interested in getting into a marketing frenzy based on empty promises—we’re too busy developing new ideas for that. The ANSM (French Agency for the Safety of Health Products) ensures that no product sold on the French market poses a health risk.

So we prefer to talk about Social Responsibility—a global approach close to our heart. For example, we collaborate with a center that is part of the ADEP (the French association for the mutual aid of disabled persons) for the packing of our products. We have no legal obligation to do this—it’s a purely ethical choice and we’re proud of it.


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