Papo France Baby Pachycephalosaurus

$ 12.00
The Pachycephalosaur "thick-headed lizard" lived in the Cretaceous, about 70 million years ago. Little is known about this herbivorous biped. It measured 13 to 16 feet long and weighed nearly 2 tons. His specificity is undoubtedly the big dome-shaped hump on his skull. It is made of very thick and extremely strong bone, and is a kind of "helmet" whose role is not proven. It is supposed that the males clashed by great impulses. These dinosaurs had small curved teeth in the front of the mouth and also had a beak.

Measures aprox. 5.25" L x 3.5" H 

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Age recommendation: 3+ years

Papo designs realistic figurines and toys in France. Hand-painted and realistic to the actual world, Papo brings children's imaginations to life with Dinosaurs, Horses, Farm Animals, Marine Life and more!  Learn about all the different parts of our world, from the past to today.

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