Papo France Large Tigress

$ 30.00
The Tigress with her stripes, her look, her soft and feline movements, her beauty fascinates! Native to Asia, this mammoth carnivorous imposing is the largest feline on the globe. It is easily recognizable by its orange fur and its black stripes specific to each individual. When hunting, this formidable predator feeds mainly on deer, wild boar, buffalo and sometimes even crocodiles. Originally from Asia, the Tigress is a threatened species and is now protected.

Measures approx. 9" x 2.16" x 4.5" i

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Age recommendation: 3+ years

Papo designs realistic figurines and toys in France. Hand-painted and realistic to the actual world, Papo brings children's imaginations to life with Dinosaurs, Horses, Farm Animals, Marine Life and more!  Learn about all the different parts of our world, from the past to today.

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