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Rover Lunch Box

$ 62.00
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Our most popular lunchbox, rover is designed for variety and versatility. With four main compartments and one special treat spot, we've coined it "the picky eaters' paradise". Rover is the perfect box for grazing and small portion sizes, and an excellent way to introduce new food groups to your picky eaters' diet!

• toxic-free: contains no lead, PVC, phthalates or BPA material. • easy to clean. Just stick it in the dishwasher. Make sure to remove magnets first! you can store them on the refrigerator or another convenient spot when the lunchbox is not in use.

• includes 2 leak-proof containers, big round dipper and little round dipper, for a variety of "wet" food possibilities.

• 5 compartments to make packing a variety of foods easy with separation.

• best for kids 3+ and adults with smaller appetites.

Made in the US

At PlanetBox, we create premium lunchboxes to inspire healthy eating for you and your family. Each of our lunchboxes make it easier for you to pack a meal or snack that you feel good about and that your kids are excited to open up and munch on.