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Brave Hair

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Here is a King of the Jungle, who is perfectly safe to snuggle up with. In fact, our Beast Town Lion, named Brave Hair loves to cuddle and doesn’t mind getting his mane all messed up. Lots of care and attention to detail was used to create Brave Hair with his naturalistic coat coloring, over-sized paws and his inquisitive facial expression. The King of BeastsTown stands at a height of 16.9” and doesn’t mind taking a bath in the washing machine as long as the water stays cold.

Brave Hair comes in his own gift bag and a story tag which reads: 

The star among stylists in BeastsTown. His speciality is his signature blow-dried, wavy do that stands up to any weather. Many a Beast have discovered their new personality in his salon – his most famous creation is still his “Fall-Out Flush-Cut” that Mopp Toddel wears.

Machine wash in cold cycle.

Size 16.9"

Plush, Wadding: Polyester

Age: 3+ Years

Designed in Germany / Made in Romania


sigikid was founded in Germany in 1968, backed by the belief that you're never too old to cuddle and play. In today's world, many of our daily interactions are quick-paced and short-lived. We often tend to forget one of the most important human attributes: the ability to play. At sigikid, we put all our focus on playing. Our products are designed to make children happier. To achieve this, we use the most wholesome and important ingredients available: Quality and Love!

sigikid toys are: 

  Innovative, but not flashy
  Classic, but not conservative
  Prestigious, but not exclusive
  Durable, but not hard-to-clean
  Soothing, but not boring
  Affordable without sacrificing quality

sigikid is creative and playfully different!