Small Wooden Climber, Triangular Rope Ladder

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The Wiwiurka triangular rope ladder/climber is an equipment designed to streghten gross motor skills. Your children will spend hours of fun and active play climbing on it. Perfect as indoor climbing equipment.

Climbing makes children strengthen their arms and legs, hand-eye coordination and  balance among other skills. It is important to mention that physical movement at an early age is a foundation for reading-writing and analytical thinking.

The Small Woden Climber is ideal to install in your backyard, terrace or your children's room! The ladder's height from its base to the carabiner is 7.5 Feet.  

Weight limit is 132 Lbs..

*The distance between the bottom rung and the top rung is 3.4 ft

The distance bteween the top rung and the carabiner is 4.1 ft

The distance between rungs is 35 cm. The top rungs (largest) are 60 cm long.

  • Suggestions:

Our suggestion is do not try to help your child to climb. Children develop at different rates and accordingly with their ability and age, they will climb at their own pace.

We suggest to be close by, so your child feels comfortable with the rope ladder.

The safest way to climb is from the inside of the rope ladder.

We suggest that only one child climbs at once. Place a carpet underneath the ladder.

Wiwiurka is not responsible for any incident that could occur from the misuse of the rope ladder. Children under 4 years old or with special needs should use the rope ladder under the supervision of an adult.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the height of the rope ladder?
The small rope ladder is 7.5 feet high from the first level to the spring snap to hang it.

What do I need to hang it?
To hang it from the interior of a Concrete ceiling:
Place an expansive plug with an eyebolt that can support a weight of 80kg (176.37lb).

Place a safety eyebolt that can support a weight of 80kg (176.37lb).

From drywall:
The general recommendation is to only hang swings, hammocks or any heavy object from a support beam of your roof. We also recommend asking for guidance at your local hardware store.

Mounting hardware not included. We recommend that you get a heavy duty swing hangers kit for your ceiling. If you don’t have hardware or knowledge about the installation, please seek professional help.


Designed and made in Mexico


The first handcrafted playset area came into life in 2010 resulting from Marek’s talent and creativity, using the very same pieces of wood that he had brought home from his last sustainable tree trimming session, which was his full-time profession. The wooden pieces were so beautiful he just could not let them end up as firewood! After that very first set of swings, many more playsets, tree-houses and wooden playthings came into being.

Over the years Wiwiurka has focused on the creation of children's furniture, inspired by Pikler, Montessori and Waldorf’s pedagogical proposals, promoting active and creative play, especially gross motor development.

Their products’ high quality, innovation, and aesthetics have positioned them as a point of reference in children's furniture worldwide. Made from Sveza Certified European wood and plywood, Wiwiurka uses only water-based, acrylic, solvent-free and non-toxic finishes to help contribute to a safe and non-toxic environment for your family.

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