Watercolor Pencil Workshop

$ 36.00

Djeco Watercolour pencils workshop set is ideal for children who want to take their painting to the next level and start with watercolours.

Watercolour painting is tricky for children when they first start out so this is the perfect introduction. Children colour in the illustrations using the pencils so they can be accurate with the lines and shading and when they are happy, simply go over the colour carefully with the paintbrush provided to turn the colours into watercolours.

Lovely effects can be made by increasing the pressure of the pencils.

Features four printed boards, five push-out shape sheets, ten watercolor pencils, a glue stick a paintbrush and booklet.

Measures approximately 12in x 9in x 1.5in.

Suitable for children ages 8+.

Djeco is an all time favorite brand. For any child who likes to colour and make things, Djeco has a gorgeous array of activities, from puzzles to gel pastels to clay modelling. The supplies are top quality, the presentation gorgeous and the instructions clear and easy. 

What really stands out though is the games and creatures they invent. Their use of colour and design is stellar. Their mobiles are a MUST see. They employ some of the world's top artists and illustrators. Their love for craft, childhood and beautiful things shines through and makes this brand really singular.



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