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Natural Blocks, 100 Pieces in Canvas Bag

$ 68.00

These beautiful wooden classic blocks are made in the Beskidy Mountains of Poland.  They improve senses, are soft to the touch and smell of nature - wood. Their natural colors catch the eye. With wooden blocks you can conjure the most amazing buildings and offer freedom in creation, which stimulates inventiveness and awakens imagination.

Natural blocks, includes 100 pieces packed in a thick cotton canvas sack, allowing for easy carrying to a best friends house or en route to an amazing adventure. Made of selected wood that comes from FSC certified suppliers. Finished with beeswax and botanical oils, sanded perfectly smooth, soft to the touch. 

Free of harmful chemicals. Eco product.

Made in the Beskidy Mountains, Poland.

Even our Grandfather, Grandfather Borowy* knew the forest gives you joy. Our family business is three-generation old and no one really remembers when exactly the first cordwoods were planned. But everybody remembers the year 1969, when the first wooden toys were crafted...

Times have changed. And with them, expectations. We had to forget about the toys and concentrate on making details for creating furniture. Beautiful details. One thing remained the same - wood. Wood has always been a part of our family. Talent of our Grandpa and his successors allowed us successfully to attain foreign markets. As the time passed by, our longing grew...longing for wooden toys.

Yet again times have changed and wooden toys appeared in our manufacture - happily welcomed by us and the kids.

We created Wooden Story - land of toys. We say that the toys came to us from the forest, they smell of wood and you can stiII hear in them the sound of wind. Grandpa Borowy, as our surname is Borowy* was right saying that "c reating for children brings the happiness to adults". We know this feeling very well. We created Wooden Story from love to nature, for happiness of children.

- Gosia and Wiesiek Borowy

* Borowy is male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild and forests. Also known as


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