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Discover our Collection of Fagus Wooden Toys

Fagus is a highly sought after toy company based in Germany. They have been manufacturing traditional wooden toys for over 35 years. Fagus, meaning beech in Latin, makes their toys out of beech wood. Their toys are consciously designed to avoid the use of nails, screws, staples, and other materials that could pose a threat to young children. With the goal of creating toys that will allow children's imagination to run free, Fagus designs creative toys that are both traditional and modern.

At CouCou, we offer a variety of Fagus wooden toys including the famed Fagus truck and ball runs. Bring a piece of traditional play into your home with a wooden toy from Fagus. Make sure to sign up to newsletters to know when our next Fagus drop is!

Fagus: The Conscious Toy Company

Fagus toys focus on using high-quality materials that are naturally robust and safe for children to play with. Fagus uses natural beech wood that is free of pollutants. Not only that but Fagus toys are also sustainably produced under safe and fair working conditions in Borken, Germany.


Are Fagus toys non-toxic?

Yes! Fagus toys are made of natural beech wood. Not only that but the wood is coated with a clear non-toxic wood varnish. The finish is safe for kids' skin and mouths! So, you can let your kids play with their Fagus truck or toy with peace of mind!

Why is beech wood good for making toys?

Beech wood is one of the best materials, and woods, that can be used for making kids toys. Kids are rough on their toys, throwing them around and playing, which is why it’s important that they are durable! Beech wood is a hardwood, meaning it will be less likely to chip, crack, or splinter like a softer wood might.