RICE is a Danish homeware and accessories company known for colorful melamine, handmade baskets, storage, and hand glazed tableware. The designs are made with a joyful spirit and with lots of details. The RICE dream is to make your everyday more colorful - when washing, cleaning, baking and relaxing in your home...
RICE is all about fun, funkiness and functionality, but we do work with our hearts as well. At RICE we make sure that we follow international standards regarding corporate social responsibility
Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle with Coral Lupin Print
Only 1 left!
Porcelain Tall Cup with Dusty Rose Small Flower Print
Porcelain Tall Cup with Flower Collage Print in Blue
Sold Out
6 Spoons in Assorted Let's Summer Colors
6 Spoons in Assorted 50 Shades of Pink Colors
Only 2 left!
Kids Melamine Lunch Plate in Forest Green
Kids Melamine Dinner Plate in Forest Green
6 Learning Knives in Let's Summer Colors
Tall Cup with Pink Art Print
6 Small Cups in Assorted Green Bunny Print
Only 1 left!
Two Handle Cup with Lid in Farm Animal Print - Green
Two Handle Cup with Lid in Farm Animal Print - Pink
RICE,6 Small Cups in Assorted Farm Animal Print- Pink,CouCou,Kitchenware
Only 2 left!
RICE,Bowl with Flower Collage Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Rectangular Plate with Selmas Flower Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Lunch Plate with Flower Collage Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Small Bowl with Flower Collage,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Small Bowl with Selmas Flower Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Bowl with Selmas Flower Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Cup with Selmas Flower Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Set of 6 Spoons in Blue and Green Colors,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Small Cup with Cloud Print, Pink,CouCou,Kitchenware
Only 1 left!
RICE,Kids Melamine Dinner Plate with Vintage Bird Print, Yellow,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Cup with Vintage Bird Print, Yellow,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Small Two-Tone Bowl with Leopard and Leaves Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Melamine/Fiber Bowl in Pastel Mint,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Melamine/Fiber Bowl in Pastel Pink,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Melamine/Fiber Bowl in Pastel Blue,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Lunch Plate with Farm Animal Print, Pink,CouCou,Kitchenware
Only 1 left!
Only 1 left!
RICE,Kids Melamine Dinner Plate, Navy Blue,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Rectangular Plate with Stripe Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
Only 2 left!
RICE,Cup with Pink Watercolor Splash Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
Only 1 left!
RICE,Cup in Stripe Print,CouCou,Kitchenware
RICE,Cup in Navy Blue,CouCou,Kitchenware

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