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Little Lights

Discover Little Lights Vintage Style Night Lights for Children!

Welcome to our collection of Little Lights night lights right here at CouCou. Little Lights is a family-owned and operated business based in Krakow, Poland. Each Little Light lamp is handmade with care and attention. With the goal of bringing imagination, inspiration, and joy into your home, Little Lights turn something fearful - the dark, into something imaginative and inspiring. At CouCou, we are proud to offer a playful and bright selection of Little Lights US.

The Little Lights Promise

Little Lights night lights are handmade from 100% natural pine wood and hand painted. Each lamp is handmade using traditional skills and techniques; their vintage aesthetic and feel are a testament to their artisanal handmade design. Though they feature playful and imaginative designs to bring joy and imagination to your children, their durable handcrafted design means they’re something that can endure generations and be passed down. At CouCou, we carry a range of Little Lights one-of-a-kind designs, perfect for gift giving!


What kind of light bulbs are used in Little Lights night lights?

Little Lights night lights are outfitted with warm LED lights. LED lights are considered the safest light bulb option for your home, making them the ideal choice for children’s night lights. The LED lights in Little Lights night lights are dimmable and even come with a remote and timer.

What kind of paint is used on Little Lights lamps?

Little Lights night lights are hand painted using water-based paint that has been tested for allergens. So, you can rest assured that your Little Lights lamp is both durable and safe for children, making it the perfect addition to your home nursery.