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Discover the Art of Traditional Infant and Baby Toys

Traditional baby toys have long been admired and beloved for their simplistic designs and use of durable natural materials. Traditional toys are beautifully made, honoring traditional craftsmanship techniques and offering aesthetic appeal and nostalgia to parents.

Infant Toys Made from Natural Materials

Originally, toys were made from durable natural materials like wood, natural rubber and sometimes metals. Wooden toys are sought after for their ability to foster imagination and open play. Wooden cars, playfood puzzles, blocks and other toys painted in bright colors are nostalgic and durable, often passed on from generation to generation.

Soft dolls and plushies were traditionally sewn with natural fibers like cotton and wool. Natural fiber makes the ideal material for baby and infant toys. While toys made with synthetic fibers can possess harmful chemicals and irritants, natural fibres are soft and safe for babies who want to cuddle their beloved plushies.

It’s no secret that babies and infants like to stick their toys in their mouths. Toys made from natural materials and colored using non-toxic vegetable based dyes and paints are the safest option for little ones! Let your little ones imagine and learn to play alone with traditional toys that are safe and battery free.

Traditional Baby Toys for Development

Traditional toys have become popularized due to their reduced sensory load. While modern toys feature bright colors and come equipped with loud sounds and lights, traditional toys allow children to engage with the physical world in a meaningful way.

Promote creativity and allow your baby to create their own storyline. Traditional toys foster creativity and development by requiring infants to create scenarios and play independently, all skills required for cognitive development.

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