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Kids Toys (5+)

Kids Toys: Puzzles, Dolls, and Toy Guitars!

Go screen-free and allow your kids to explore independent play. Traditionally, kids played with car toys, puzzles, dolls, and even marbles! With the growing concern over screen time, more and more parents are searching for ways to reduce their kid's screen time and revert to traditional forms of play.

At CouCou, our collection of kids' toys includes traditional toys that foster creativity and contribute to healthy early childhood development.

Car Toys Made from Natural Beech Wood

Kids benefit from tactile experiences early in life to promote the development of hand dexterity and grip strength. Natural materials like wood provide kids with a tactile experience, while also preserving traditional forms of play.

Natural beech wood is the ideal material for toys, especially car toys and trucks. It’s smooth and soft, protecting your little ones from the risk of injuries. Beech wood is also non-toxic and safe for children, meaning little ones can get hands-on with their toys and play freely. Lastly, beech wood is incredibly durable. Toys made from natural beech wood can withstand drops and crashes, making them ideal for rigorous play. Let your little ones launch their car toys and take their adventures outdoors, worry-free.

Traditional Kids Toys for Creative Play

Toy guitars, dolls, wooden tool kits, and tea sets allow children to escape into their own world and awaken creativity. Imagination and creativity are essential to early childhood development. Indulge in the nostalgia of traditional kids toys and watch as your kids venture into their own world and play just as previous generations did.

Traditional kids toys are great for both parents and children. Reduce distractions and overstimulation and add a touch of aesthetic nostalgia to your children’s playroom. Explore our selection of traditional toys for kids ages 5+ here at CouCou!