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Ostheimer Toys

Shop our collection of Ostheimer Toys and handcrafted wooden animals!

For nearly one hundred years, the world-renowned Ostheimer family has been dedicated to their legacy of crafting fine wooden toys. Manufactured by highly-skilled artisans out of the family workshop in Germany, each Ostheimer product is handcrafted with love every step of the way, from whittling the wood to painting the final detail. The enchanting folk designs look like they came straight out of a fairytale or a fable, and will delight your family for years to come, generation after generation.

Ostheimer is committed to social and environmental responsibility - everything they produce is fair-trade, ethically manufactured, and made from sustainable wood. Browse our wonderful selection of Ostheimer toys and choose from a variety of charming animal figurines, nativity sets, and more. Fun, functional, and made to last, you’ll cherish your Ostheimer toys more and more with each use.

Drawbridge Gate
Only 1 left!
Farmer Wife
Child in Crib
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Pond,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Small Donkey,CouCou,Toy
Only 1 left!
Small Wild Boar
Wild Boar, Female
Small Fox Creeping
Brown Chick
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Whale,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Kangaroo with Baby,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Kangaroo Father,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Hen, Ochre Standing,CouCou,Toy
Only 1 left!
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Shepherd Dog,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Lion, Female,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Small Sea Lion,CouCou,Toy
Sea Lion, Head Low
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Sea Lion, Resting,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Small Hippopotamus,CouCou,Toy
Only 1 left!
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Deer Eating,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Gosling, Head High,CouCou,Toy
Only 1 left!
Only 1 left!
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Frog,CouCou,Toy
Only 1 left!
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Ox, Brown,CouCou,Toy
Ostheimer Wooden Toys,Brown Colt,CouCou,Toy
Only 1 left!
Only 1 left!

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