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Sonny Angel

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Say hello to Sonny, the main star of the doll collection known as Sonny Angel. Sonny is an angel boy who likes wearing different kinds of headgear – animals, foods you name it! Sonny’s adventures through his headgears will plunge your child into a world of imagination and surprises.

Sonny Angel dolls were created to make your child smile. With their portable size, they can be kept anywhere: besides your child’s bed, at the front door, or even in the bathroom! Sonny Angel are always ready to brighten up your little one’s day!

Each Sonny Angel figurine is part of a collection that includes 12 unique dolls and are specially packaged in blind boxes to add an extra element of surprise. So whenever you purchase a Sonny Angel doll, you never know which one you will get until the box is opened! This exciting feature will have you and your child on the edge of your seat as you await to see which Sonny Angel you were blessed with!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sonny Angel dolls?
Sonny Angel dolls are a type of collectible figurine created in Japan. The dolls feature an angelic faces, large eyes, and a variety of cute costumes, making them a popular collectible item among all ages.

What sizes do Sonny Angel dolls come in?
Sonny Angel dolls come in two sizes: mini (3.5 cm) and regular (7 cm).

How many different Sonny Angel dolls are there?
There are currently over 500 different Sonny Angel dolls available. This includes limited edition dolls, special series, and seasonal dolls.

Where can I find Sonny Angel dolls?
You can find Sonny Angel dolls right here at CouCou Boston! Enjoy free domestic shipping on orders over $125.

Are Sonny Angel dolls safe for children?
Yes, Sonny Angel dolls are completely safe for children. They are made with non-toxic materials and are designed with safety in mind.