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Louise Misha

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Louise Misha is a gorgeous women's and girls clothing and accessory line, created in Paris by two friends, Aurélie Remetter and Marie Pidancet in 2012. Originally inspired by a trip through India, the beautiful line is full of vivid color, vintage details and bohemian style.

The label’s name is a family inspiration and comes from a dear grandmother called 'Louise' and a beloved mother nicknamed 'Misha'. Particularly attached to the “hand-made”, the two women created a brand full of nostalgia and exquisite details which all girls adore.

Louise Misha is an ode to friendship and family, by creating a collection where each piece has its own uniqueness, heart and soul. Hand-made embroideries, bright-colored pom poms, and macramé are just some of the distinct materials that can be found in their clothing and swimwear.

The team is primarily comprised of women, who aim to empower other women and their children to feel free and beautiful through fashion. From dresses and bathing suits to bags, blouses and more, the Louise Mischa kidswear collection uses natural materials all while playing with colors and fabrics. The brand’s goal has always been to design clothing that is stylish while raising awareness.

In the words of founder Marie Pindancet, the brand is an adventure that is shared with the team, suppliers, and customers who keep the brand’s heartbeat alive and strong!