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Mystery Boxes

Introducing the Mystery Box by CouCou! Get a stylish box of thoughtfully curated items for your little one, based on your preferences - all at up to 60% off retail! Just fill out the questionnaire and we will to do our absolute best to surprise you with things you will love from Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections.

Select on a box for Girls or Boys below and start discovering new handpicked style...

Be Adventurous - Examples of small and large size Mystery Box contents can be seen by scrolling through the product photos.  Mystery Boxes are non-refundable but you know that we have good taste 😉  so we encourage you to try everything on your kids as you might be surprised! If it's still not in your wheelhouse, gift it on to a friend.

Think Green - Did you know that most big shops and brands burn their overstock or dump it in landfills?  We would cry if we had to do that with any of our beautiful products and will continue to come up with ways to ensure each item finds its perfect home.

Big or Small - Mystery Boxes by CouCou come in two sizes depending on how much good stuff you want. 

$125 will get you between $250 - $300 worth of merchandise

$175 will get you between $350 - $450 worth of merchandise