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Our Humanitarian Pledge

 © UNHCR/Zsolt Balla A young Ukrainian mother carries her three-month-old baby and her three-year-old toddler across the Tiszabecs border crossing into Hungary.
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We are the lucky ones.
My children have a roof over their head, too many toys in their rooms, safe communities, bellies that are rarely grumbling and closets that continually fill with new clothes each time they grow an inch. The urge to build something meaningful for those that do not share our fortune, has long been brewing. As CouCou grows and its magic reaches into so many of your homes, we have an opportunity to give to humanitarian causes. 
We have chosen refugees as our mission and have officially partnered with USA for UNHCR (also known as the UN Refugee Agency), who are on the ground helping to rebuild, aid and protect people forced to flee their homes. Whilst the world's eyes and hearts are currently with Ukraine, there are hundreds of thousands of refugee families around the world, from countries such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Colombia and the list goes on. 

The refugee crisis is widespread and worsening. Most displaced families are torn apart or have lost essential members of their family. The road to recovery can be devastating but with the right support and their courage, they have hope for a brighter future.
In March 2022 we began donating a percentage of monthly profits to USA for UNHCR .
 To date, we have pledged $5,200. 
This is made possible by YOU, our amazing customers who have trusted and bought from our small family-owned shop. 
We are working on developing more programs/collaborations in this humanitarian space and will share our journey with you along the way.  
(last updated June 24 2022)


UNHCR is deeply saddened to see the tragic aftermath of this week’s deadly earthquake in Afghanistan. Reports suggest that so far some 1,000 people have died, more than 1,500 have been injured and at least 1,500 houses have been destroyed. While a needs assessment is ongoing through today, the most important needs identified are food, health/trauma support, basic non-food items and emergency shelter. There are also concerns around sanitary conditions, as post-earthquake conditions are conducive to cholera outbreaks. The UNHCR team in Afghanistan has already dispatched humanitarian assistance to support the survivors of the devastating earthquake.  The first convoy that departed Kabul will immediately support more than 4,000 people with shelter kits, tents, blankets, water cans and other relief items to protect them from the bad weather and meet their immediate life-saving needs. 


As UNHCR was already on the ground with supplies in the surrounding regions, we were able to deploy this humanitarian aid quickly. However, this is only the latest in a series of devastating events to affect the people of Afghanistan, and we urgently need support to deliver more assistance. I will provide you with more updates as we deliver this aid and our team speaks with more people who have been affected by this devastating earthquake.  


June 24, 2022 marks exactly four months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Since the onset, nearly one-third of Ukrainians have been forced from their homes. This is the largest human displacement crisis in the world today. You will find the latest UNHCR flash update, published today, as well as the UNHCR Data Portal for Ukraine here.


Ben Stiller, the actor, director, and long-time Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, visited Ukraine this week to give global visibility to the massive scale of displacement and humanitarian and recovery needs in the country. During his visit he met with the authorities emphasizing that sustained attention to and support for the Ukrainian people and communities that have been impacted by the war is crucial, especially in view of the approaching winter which will be very harsh for those whose homes are damaged or completely destroyed.

5 Million Refugees

More than 8 million people have fled Ukraine and another 7 million+ have been internally displaced, stranded in a war zone or unable to leave.

Ukraine needs peace.

UNHCR is on the ground and working around the clock to bring aid to those fleeing the war. CouCou is humbled to be a partner of USA for UNHCR. Every CouCou purchase you make, gives a portion of proceeds to help their efforts.

To read more about UNHCR efforts in Ukraine or to donate directly, visit:

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