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Kids Clothing Brands to Shop for Fall with CouCou

As summer comes to a close, the days grow colder and shorter, and suddenly the fall season is upon us. The arrival of autumn welcomes back to school shopping and the discovery of this year’s latest fall clothing trends for boys and girls. At CouCou, we understand that it can be challenging for parents to know which kids clothing brands to shop. That’s why, we’ve developed this guide to help you reign in the new season and dress your kids for success!

Now, let us take a look at some of our favorite kids clothing brands for fall, as well as some of the season’s trends to watch!

Organic Materials and Sustainability Matters


Sustainability and organic materials remain popular this season, for good reason. More and more parents are understanding the importance of investing in sustainable kids clothing brands, rather than spending on mass-produced and often disposable clothing. Today more than ever kids clothing brands are prioritizing the use of natural fibers and upcycled materials. At CouCou, we have always shopped consciously and some of our favorite international and European kids clothes feature organic fabrics recycled materials and sustainable sourcing

One of the best ways to access children’s clothing that’s earth-conscious is to shop from smaller labels. Brands like Búho, Émile and Ida, Hello Simone and Piupiuchick are made in Europe by small teams that work closely with their suppliers to source the best materials and produce in small batches, avoiding excess waste. Other hero brands of ours, Misha and Puff, Oeuf, Soor Ploom and so many others, are produced with the highest attention to detail.


children wearing clothes for the fall

Piupiuchick and Búho are two kids clothing brands that prove sustainability can be stylish! 


For boys, our Piupiuchick Blue Sweatshirt and Denim Trousers pair effortlessly for a relaxed fall outfit that’s perfect for weekends. For girls, our Forest Dress by Búho combines a cozy 100% cotton corduroy with natural wooden buttons for a stylish and sustainable bohemian look that can be worn to school, church, playdates and everywhere in between.

Classic and Enduring Styles


Kids clothing trends change rapidly! With brands like Fashion Nova offering NovaKids collections, ultra-trendy clothing has reigned supreme. However, in recent years, we’ve seen a shift towards timeless and enduring pieces. For parents, it’s a breath of fresh air. Bid adieu to cheap and poorly made fast fashion and welcome high-quality classic and vintage inspired styles. 


Sure, the price tag will be higher, but less is more, and investing in enduring styles constructed of high-quality materials means your kids will get more wear out of their clothing, plus you can hand it down or even re-sell many of those investments! Take a cue from parents’ clothing trends and shift towards building a capsule wardrobe for your little ones. Shop from kids clothing brands that prioritize sustainability and design kids fashion that is both trendy and timeless. 

little kids fall clothes

There is perhaps nothing cuter than a sartorial mini-me. As our kids clothing brands echo the classic styles that are pervasive in parent’s closets, lean into these and build a fall wardrobe for your kids that can transcend seasons and trends. Mix and match pieces and extend your kids wardrobe. 


For girls, dresses or tops with collars nod to classic clothing silhouettes. This Collared Dress in Pink from Piupiuchick with the Ruffle Short Dress with Blue Check layered on top perfectly illustrates how CouCou’s collection of designers capture bold colors, unexpected styling and the vintage moods we love most. 


For boys, cool and comfortable trousers with coordinating tops prevail. These perfect Corduroy Pants from Búho feel retro yet modern. Paired with a button-up or a matching Khaki Green Shirt for a more relaxed look, these trousers can be styled over and over and worn through fall, winter, and spring.


Cozy Comfort Takes Center Stage


As temperatures drop, it's time to invest in cozy knitwear to keep your kids warm throughout the fall-winter season. High-quality knitwear combines comfort with style and acts as the perfect layering piece for active little lifestyles! Our brands source the finest merino wools responsibly and ensure they are as soft as can be for our little ones skin.


Knitwear from premium kids clothing brands are durably made with high-quality materials that hold their shape. Skip the sloppy knits that don’t hold up past the first wash and discover knitwear pieces that can be worn for more than one season; worn solo, layer over T-shirts, or effortlessly tied over the shoulders the way the Europeans do. 

little boy in a fall outfit with orange beanie and little girl in a pattern skirt with a beige sweater

Cozy up with knitwear that features heritage-inspired details and premium fibers! 


For boys, our My Little Cozmo Alex Sweater offers comfort and style. Made in Spain from cashmere and wool, it’ll keep your little ones warm through both winter and fall. Since boys tend to run a little hot, we often recommend choosing warm sweatshirts and lots of layers. 1+ In The Family has some of the coziest sweaters and tops and has been dressing our customers ages 0 - 4 years since CouCou first opened its doors. And our newest addition from Spain, The Campamento has a collection of fun sweatshirts including Los Amigos and a Snoopy and Charlie sweatshirt, both of which have coordinating sweatpants.


For girls, you know that Misha and Puff and Soor Ploom make some of the most coveted knitwear around, so stay tuned for those collection launches. Oeuf also uses the finest baby alpaca to create their one-of-a-kind sweaters and cardigans, which are also softer than any wool we have ever felt. Our Boho Sweater in Pale Peach by Búho combines ruffles and raglan sleeves with cozy alpaca fibers for a feminine and comfortable design. This sweater is perfect for year-round warmth. Layer it over skirts and dresses for a fashionable fall look or bundle it up in the winter to stay warm through even the coldest months. 


Playful Accessories for School

While it may seem that back-to-school shopping only comes around once a year, kids need accessories all year round. At CouCou, our collection includes fun and stylish accessories for fall that are perfect for back to school!

Think stylish hair bows, fun lunch bags, and premium colored pencil sets, which elevate simple outfits with playful accessories.

hair tie, lunch box, school pencils

Tie back fly-away hairs with our Phoebe Linen-Gauze Fable Bow by our newly added designer, Livy Lou and pack away snacks with fun lunch bags like our Shark Zipper Lunch Bag by Canadian brand Fluf. Inspire creativity with colored pencils in every color of the rainbow with our set of 100 Double Sided Pencils


Reign in the fall season with stylish kids clothing! Discover premium kids clothing brands like PiuPiuchick, Búho, Misha & Puff, Émile et Ida and My Little Cozmo. Lean into sustainability this fall with brands that prioritize organic fibers and upcycled materials. By shopping the best international and European kids clothes from brands that are produced locally in small batches, you can feel confident that the garments you’re investing in are high-quality and fairly made. Take cues from parents’ wardrobes with classic and enduring pieces that never go out of style. Invest in high-quality knitwear and armour your kids with the accessories they need to have the best year at school.


Happy fall and welcome back to school. At CouCou, we’re proud to carry some of the most exclusive kids brands. Shop our collections online or visit us in-store in Boston!


Hannah Waddell
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