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The Growing Importance of Sustainable Children’s Clothing

Today more than ever parents are acknowledging the importance of investing in sustainable children’s clothing. Sustainability has never been cooler! With stylish brands that prioritize small production, fair working conditions, organic materials and timeless designs, you can shop for your little ones and feel good about your impact on the planet. 
At CouCou, our collection of children’s clothing consists of small label children’s clothing brands that are fairly made using organic, sustainably sourced and upcycled materials. As we discuss the importance of sustainable children’s clothing, we’ll share some of our favorite brands that we’re proud to carry at CouCou and that we’re sure you’ll love too!
Why Choose Small Production Brands for Children's Clothes?
Little Girl's sustainable clothing
Small batch production brands are becoming increasingly pervasive in the discussion of sustainable children’s clothing. Small production brands are those that typically produce 500 or less pieces of a specific garment. And, while that means that the availability of these pieces is limited, their benefits can be felt in the quality of the garments produced and the originality of their designs. They also create more exclusivity and ensure that you will end up with something special that is not mass-produced.
Many of the leading brands in children’s sustainable clothing work in-house with small teams of skilled artisans or outsource to small batch local producers. Working directly with producers and commissioning small batches means that designers build a strong relationship with the artisans they work with, leading to higher quality pieces and more involved designs.
Small production brands showcase unique designs that are completely original. By including hand sewn details, quality craftsmanship, and limited edition designs, these small label clothing brands have become leaders in producing exceptional quality clothing that’s ethically made and sustainable.
Misha and Puff fall winter collection 2023
It’s no secret that clothing production is one of the most unethical and environmentally damaging industries globally. Small production brands seek to end this cycle by working with small teams and promoting fair labor conditions. They will also often reuse left over yarns and fabrics, including them in capsule collections or carrying them forward to future seasons - Misha and Puff is a notable and internationally loved brand that practices this consistently. Fans of Misha & Puff are known for styling past seasons with new designs and spend a lot of time trying to find past season pieces via buy/sell/trade groups, that will weave into new collections.  Misha and Puff are not afraid to do that themselves and intentionally pulling past season overstock or re-producing sold out favorites to present new seasons with a sprinkling of the past.
At CouCou, one of our favorite new additions and one-of-a-kind small batch brands is Marsou. Handmade in France, Marsou clothing is fairly-made by a small team of artisans. After working 5 years with CHANEL, Laetitia Flandre founded Marsou in 2016. Her objective is to reinvent the eco friendly textile production in France and to prove that they can produce organic fashion in France & sell at reasonable prices. Her creations are designed, hand-dyed and handmade in Paris,  using a minimum of 50% up-cycled fabrics bought from Luxury French fashion houses leftover stock. So chances are that the dress you purchased from Marsou, is made from fabric originally intended for a CHANEL design! Not only that, but their timeless seasonal designs feature an originality that simply can’t be replicated.

Marsou, AW23 Collection
The Power of Organic Materials in Children's Clothing
Go green and choose organic children’s clothing. As time passes and we continue to advance in both intelligence and technology, the benefits of organic children’s clothing become more evident. Organic children’s clothing possesses countless benefits for both your children and the planet!
Kind to skin, organic children’s clothing is hypoallergenic and perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. Clothing made from synthetic and non-organic materials contain harmful pesticides and chemicals that are known allergens. These allergens can negatively impact children by causing skin irritation and hampering the development of their immune system. As our largest organ, the skin acts as a gateway into our body! Investing in organic children’s clothing is the best way to protect your children and reduce their exposure to toxins.
Soor Ploom, SS23 Collection
Organic children’s clothing is also kind to the planet! Reduce your environmental footprint and feel good about the clothing you buy. While synthetic materials end up in both our waterways and landfills, organic fabrics are known for their ability to degrade easily. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals, supporting sustainable farming practices and growing farming communities.
At CouCou, some of our favorite children’s clothing brands prioritize the use of natural and organic materials! In addition to those mentioned above, Piupiuchuck, Soor Ploom, Apolina and Búho all possess strong sustainability missions, which include the use of organic materials in their collections. 
Elevating Your Child's Wardrobe with Long-Term Investment
Hello Simone, AW23 Collection
Embrace the beauty of sustainability with children’s clothing that can be worn over and over again! Circular fashion is at the cornerstone of sustainable children’s clothing. Investing in quality children’s clothing means that each piece will last longer, allowing you to pass it down or even re-sell it. 
When clothing is produced consciously, it doesn’t end up in a landfill. At CouCou, our collection of sustainable children’s clothing focuses heavily on producing high-quality pieces in enduring styles. Shifting away from trends and leaning into classic pieces means your children’s clothing will never go out of style! 
Investing in sustainable children’s clothing pays off. One of the main arguments we hear against shopping for sustainable children’s clothing comes from the thought that children grow too quickly, leading to a high cost per wear ratio. While we don’t deny that children grow quickly, investing in sustainable children’s clothing is actually more economically viable in the long run. Sustainable children’s clothing is made to last! Whether you keep it for your next child and grandchild or re-sell it, the timelessness of the designs coupled with their incredible quality makes them worth every penny. 
Additional classic and enduring brands that can be worn and passed from one generation to the next, include Hello Simone, The Campamento, and We Are Kids. From classic styles to retro favorites, at CouCou, we believe in designs that never go out of style. Invest in heirloom quality pieces that you can watch your children and grandchildren enjoy for years to come.
Shop sustainably with children’s clothes that prioritize small batch production, the use of organic materials, and quality that is made to last. By investing in sustainable children’s clothing, you’re reducing your environmental footprint and supporting brands that promote ethical working conditions for both producers and farmers.
Be kind to your children’s skin by being mindful of what you put on it! Say no to materials that are treated with pesticides and forever chemicals, which are both known allergens that can hamper your child’s immune function development. Invest in natural organic materials that are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.
Prioritize shopping from sustainable children’s clothing brands that showcase timeless and enduring designs. Classic children’s clothing is an investment that can be passed from one generation to the next. Traditional designs inspired by French fashion never go out of style. Re-sell them or pass them down to lower your cost per wear ratio and make investing in sustainability a no-brainer!