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Marsou Paris: French-Made Children’s Clothes in Timeless Designs

Born from a desire to produce cute, fairly-made children’s clothes at reasonable prices, founder Laetitia Letellier Flandre began Marsou in 2016. After the birth of her first child, she struggled to find fairly-made children’s clothing at reasonable prices. At the time, very few were making children’s clothes with organic fabrics in France. Inspired by her firstborn son, Marsou is a namesake for her son Marin’s nickname.

After working 5 Years at Chanel, Laetitia ventured out to create her own children’s clothing line that is sustainable and 100% made in France. Introducing Marsou, the French-made clothing brand that marries classic, retro, and romantic styles to create a collection of timeless pieces that can be passed from generation to generation.

Marsou Paris: Sustainable, Organic, and Upcycled

Marsou Paris is committed to sustainability and ending the cycle of fast fashion. From the beginning, Marsou has sought to produce sustainable high-quality pieces. Initially, the brand utilized deadstock materials from high-end luxury fashion houses before transitioning to organic and upcycled fabrics.

Marsou sources its materials from Northern France, Portugal, and Spain. Each piece is designed, handmade, and hand-dyed in Paris by a small team of skilled artisans.

Designed with sustainability in mind, Marsou’s collections feature timeless styles that are intended to be worn again and again. Marsou promotes circular fashion by designing children’s clothes that can be passed on and resold. With timeless designs and organic fabrics, Marsou has made investing in high-quality children’s clothes accessible by offering reasonably priced sustainable children’s clothing that’s designed to last generations.

Invest in a sustainable piece of luxury with Marsou Paris, combining conscious organic fabrics with sustainability and style. Discover our selection today at Coucou.