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Minikane, a French brand, is the exclusive vendor of Gordis Paola Reina dolls, made in Spain’s Alicante Valley since 1870. Minikane also creates doll clothing and accessories for a personalized playtime experience. Perfectly child-safe, these iconic dolls from Minikane are made from eco-friendly, phthalate-free premium vinyl and have a sweet vanilla scent. ...

Properly teach your child about the body with these anatomically-correct Minikane dolls, available in a diverse array of skin tones, eye colors, and hair types. Accurate dolls relieve children of the shame and stigma associated with the body, allowing children to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. Dolls are also a great way for your child to develop fine motor skills through dressing and maneuvering the dolls, social skills through conversation with or between dolls, and imagination through creative play.
Shop for Minikane dolls, doll clothing, and doll accessories here in the USA with CouCou Boston. Enjoy free domestic shipping on orders over $125.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Minikane Dolls?
Minikane Dolls are high-quality, anatomically-correct dolls that are designed to look like real babies. They are made with special fabrics and materials to ensure their softness and durability. Each Minikane Doll is unique and meant to be loved for years to come.

What age range are Minikane Dolls suitable for?
Minikane Dolls are suitable for children aged 3 years and up. The dolls are designed to be played with in a safe environment and are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Where can I buy Minikane Dolls?
You can buy Minikane dolls, clothes, and accessories right here in the USA at CouCou Boston! Enjoy free domestic shipping on orders over $125.

Are Minikane Dolls safe for children?
Yes, Minikane Dolls are designed with safety in mind and made made from eco-friendly, phthalate-free premium vinyl.

How tall are Minikane dolls?
Minikane dolls are 13 inches tall.