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Moulin Roty is a French toy company that was established in France 40 years ago. Their goal was and continues to be to design quintessentially French toys for children using only the finest of materials and fabrics to achieve “softness, fantasy, and tenderness.” As a worker-owned cooperative, Moulin Roty strives to put excellence, quality, and creativity at the core of each toy design. With the idea of creating “yesterday’s toy for today’s children,” Moulin Roty’s toys feel both nostalgic for parents and modern for today’s children.

The Story Behind Moulin Roty Dolls and Plushies

Moulin Roty dolls and plushies each come with a unique and thoughtful story. These are not simply plush toys! Each Moulin Roty doll and plush has a story. It is the coming to life of the children's story in an imaginative and soft way. The famed Dumpster Dog, for example, comes with books detailing the doggie’s adventures and dreams. The Dumpster Dog plushie brings the children's story to life in a way that they can feel and touch!



Where are Moulin Roty toys made?

Moulin Roty toys and dolls are manufactured in Romania, France, China, and Taiwan. Each factory has been selected with the highest degree of caution and care. Each manufacturer is a partner in the process of which Moulin Roty has developed long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with.

Are Moulin Roty toys safe?

Yes! At Coucou Boston, we know that your child's safety is important! Moulin Roty toys are manufactured using fabrics sourced from France and other European countries. Every material is tested by an independent French laboratory to ensure they are free from heavy metals and toxins. Moulin Roty has been a trusted toy company for 40 years and continues to demonstrate its attention to detail and compliance with both safety and design standards.