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Olli Ella

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Olli Ella was born in 2009 In London, England. Sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman set out to create a collection of nursery furniture and baby bedding that was playful, iconic, and above all, beautifully made. Olli Ella designs are nostalgic at the same time modern, capturing the hearts and admiration of parents, children and design influencers. Chloe lives in Sydney Australia with her family, and Olivia lives in London, England with hers. They skype every day and love every inch of Olli Ella.

Amidst it all, Chloe and Olivia remain children at heart and to this day, they both still collect their very own toys and treasures! The Olli Ella brand is most notably known for its classic collection made of 100% handwoven rattan which includes the popular strolley and mushroom basket, both adored around the world and made to be treasured for a lifetime!

Play is at the heart of Olli Ella’s essence and every piece they dream up is based on wonder and childlike imagination. Chloe and Olivia both have 8 children altogether. Their kids are the perfect guinea pigs for them to test out their magical toy creations and to ensure that every child can find joy in their toys.