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Hachette,Captain Monty Takes the Plunge,CouCou,Book
Hachette,Hotel Fantastic,CouCou,Book
Hachette,Loula and the Monster,CouCou,Book
Hachette,Loula and the Sister Recipe,CouCou,Book
Hachette,Loula is leaving for Africa,CouCou,Book
Hachette,The Other Dog,CouCou,Book
Hachette,The Thing Lou Couldn't Do,CouCou,Book
Hachette,The Tooth Mouse,CouCou,Book
Hachette,Toads on Toast,CouCou,Book
Hachette,Virginia Wolf,CouCou,Book
Hachette,What to Do With A Box,CouCou,Book
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