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Award-winning concept store

Box of 71 marbles, pebbles and shooters

Assortment with bright colors, in the graphic spirit of the Memphis art movement. Geometric shapes, solid colors, black outlines and patterns, this set allows you to learn how to name colors, count pieces and approach the primary concepts of calculation.

Box of 71 Memphis marbles containing 4 varieties of marbles, 4 varieties of caps and 3 varieties of special marbles:

Box size: 3.9" x 7" x 1.3"

Glass / Paper / Cardboard

The marbles are all selected and then arranged by hand. As well as being a beautiful object, this collection of marbles will help your child's development: from helping them acquire an aesthetic vocabulary, to being able to sort and order their thoughts, and improving their motor skills.

NB: It may happen that we are required to change 1 variety of balls in the assortment, especially when a marble reference is temporarily or permanently unavailable. In any case, we respect the theme, the harmonies of colors and the number of pieces, to offer you the most beautiful of the boxes.

    Made in France

    Billes & Co boxes are exceptional objects, designed and produced like works of art. The marbles are selected from among the most beautiful in the world, then sorted and stored by hand in the boxes.  Billes & Co boxes offer another way of learning and playing, simple and authentic. They are arranged in thematic and colorful arrangements, in playful and creative universes.

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