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Oval Wooden Track

$ 146.00
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Introducing the new customizable wooden tracks. Press them together to form a classic oval circuit or invent your own.  These tracks are perfect for any small car and especially great with our Candylab toys. Plus they make awesome additions to your Conifer Toys homes.  Use together with the oval tracks for extended playing!

*comes with 8 pieces of track

Wipe clean with a damp cloth or wood-safe cleaner

8 tracks

Recycled birch plywood

Handmade in Canada


Conifer Toys are durable, natural, and fun toys made in Canada. They were born from thinking of the toys they always wanted as kids and how they could give their children toys that would last a lifetime.

They coupled this with their love of architecture and puzzles and came up with the "Laguna House." Their own kids couldn't stop playing with it so they decided to offer it to the world.

They hope to be able to share their passion for all of you.