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Kaleidoscope Play Camera - Yellow

$ 34.00
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Lights, camera, action! It's time for a magical kaleidoscope adventure! This Kaleidoscope Play Camera will add an extra glow to every day. Attach a color lens to make a new world... What can see through the window?  Let's choose from 2 stylish denim straps depending on the mood of the day!

Small photographers can play at happy snapping just like their families!
Hang the camera around your neck and go out on a visual adventure!

L 3.74" × H 2.28" × W 1" 

Beech wood, / Color lens (acrylic / Removable), two denim straps (denim, acrylic tape)

Designed and made in Japan

Kukkia have been designing toys from Japan for over 7 years - we find inspiration in our passions, our travels, our loved pets and our children. Our designs and toys are regularly featured in fashion and children's magazines around the world, and we often partner with discerning companies on joint projects. 

Our previous partnerships have included Muji, Lanvin, Bon Point and Air France to name a few.

Our head office is in Osaka, Japan