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The vibrant green feathers of the Papo Peacock are truly eye-catching, with bright orange and yellow accents that add a pop of color and make this figure truly stand out. The blue body of the peacock provides a stunning contrast to the green feathers, while the orange on the back adds another element of interest.
Peacocks, also known as peafowl, are one of the most stunning and exotic birds in the world. Known for their vibrant colors and majestic appearance, they have been celebrated throughout history and across cultures for their beauty and grace.

The male peacock is particularly striking, with its distinctive fan-shaped crest of feathers that it can raise and display to attract mates. These feathers, called a train, can reach up to six feet in length and are covered in iridescent blue and green spots. The peacock's head and neck are also covered in iridescent feathers, which shimmer and change color in the light.

In addition to their beauty, peacocks are also known for their distinctive calls, which can be heard from a great distance. They are also excellent runners and swimmers, able to move quickly and gracefully on both land and water.

Measures approx. 4.9" x 2.2" x 4.6"

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Age recommendation: 3+ years

Designed in France / Made in China

Papo designs realistic figurines and toys in France. Hand-painted and realistic to the actual world, Papo brings children's imaginations to life with Dinosaurs, Horses, Farm Animals, Marine Life and more!  Learn about all the different parts of our world, from the past to today.