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Gagaga Gago

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"Gagaga Gago is a loner. During the day, he strolls through the suburbs of BeastsTown and at night you can see him in the backyards of the restaurants downtown. One doesn‘t know exactly what he’s looking for, but he’s always looking for something. Probably – rumor has it – for the meaning of life. Who knows whether he‘s found it yet."

Size 12.6"

Plush, Wadding: Polyester

Age: 3+ Years

Designed in Germany / Made in Romania


sigikid was founded in Germany in 1968, backed by the belief that you're never too old to cuddle and play. In today's world, many of our daily interactions are quick-paced and short-lived. We often tend to forget one of the most important human attributes: the ability to play. At sigikid, we put all our focus on playing. Our products are designed to make children happier. To achieve this, we use the most wholesome and important ingredients available: Quality and Love!

sigikid toys are: 

  Innovative, but not flashy
  Classic, but not conservative
  Prestigious, but not exclusive
  Durable, but not hard-to-clean
  Soothing, but not boring
  Affordable without sacrificing quality

sigikid is creative and playfully different!