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Best Christmas Gifts For Kids with CouCou

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CouCou (hello!) and welcome back to our blog! Today, we’ll be discussing our top Christmas gifts for kids. Now, we understand that not everyone in our CouCou family celebrates Christmas, so whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday, the season of giving has arrived and CouCou is here to help you choose the best gifts for kids!

At CouCou, our collection includes kids' toys for girls and boys from ages 0 to 5 and above, with small label brands that focus on sustainability, open-ended play, and nostalgic toys that can be kept and passed from one generation to the next. Our toys here at CouCou are timeless and trendless. While big toy brands pump out new toys every year that become obsolete by the following holiday season, the toys here at CouCou are expertly curated to offer exquisite Christmas gifts for kids that are completely timeless.

Now, let’s get into our top Christmas toys for kids including options for boys and girls, as well as a few of our favorites here at CouCou. Get ready to feel inspired and start building your Christmas wish list for your little ones!

Toys For Girls

Ceramic tea sets

Tea Set in Ceramic Cherry - Konges Slojd

This one is sure to spark some nostalgia for parents! And, we’d like to clarify that there is no reason boys can’t join the tea party. After all, we’re sure every little girl has invited her brothers, father, or grandpa to tea parties at some point in time. Tea sets are one of the most popular toys and they have been for a long time! It’s very likely that many mothers had a tea set as a child and they may even have kept it for their future daughter.

This tea set by Konges Slojd is designed in Denmark and features beautifully delicate cherries. It is perfect for developing social skills, nurturing imagination, and improving relationships with parents and siblings. 

Llorens Dolls crying baby doll

Crying Newborn Doll Claudia with Bear Blanket - Llorens Dolls

We have spoken about the importance of baby dolls in our past blog post on open-ended play and it turns out that they will remain a popular toy for girls in 2023. The Claudia articulated crying newborn doll by Llorens Dolls cries and says “mama” and “papa”, teaching little ones about empathy and compassion. 

Llorens Dolls are beautifully designed and handmade in Alicante, Spain. Every little girl deserves a precious baby doll to nurture and love making them one of the best kids toys for your sweet little girls.

Toys for Boys (and girls!)

Fagus wooden toy truck

Magnetic Car Transporter and School Bus - Candylab and Wooden Mobile Crane - Fagus

Toy trucks have long been a go-to toy for boys. Classic wooden toys are another one of our favorite Christmas gifts for kids due to the fact that they’re so timeless! Candylab and Fagus toys are both made with durable beech wood and are designed to be timeless. These wooden trucks and cars encourage boys to use their imagination to create their own stories and experiences without the need for batteries or remote controls!

Papo France Action Figure

Knight with A Triple Battle Axe and Red Dragon King Horse - Papo France

Action figures are the perfect toys for boys. Designed to encourage play, adventure, and imagination, they’re great for solo play as well as playing with friends. Bring on the action with Papo France action figures that are designed in France and hand-painted to look ultra-realistic - bringing imagination to life! Action figures are a great addition to any boy's Christmas wish list, as they’re fun, collectable, and inexpensive. 

CouCou’s Christmas Wish List Must-Haves

Banwood skateboard and scooter

Classic bike, Scooter, and Skateboard - Banwood

The best gifts for kids are the ones that’ll create lasting memories! While the holiday season typically comes with cooler weather, it’s never too early to start shopping for outdoor toys. Laughter, play, and exploration are essential in childhood development. Banwood’s contemporary designs add a touch of contemporary Scandinavian charm to outdoor toys. Their classic styles are quintessentially nostalgic, nodding to the type of classic bike mom and dad may have rode when they were younger. Skateboards, scooters, and bikes make great kid's gifts for both boys and girls!

Kidamento Camera

Mikayo the Bear and Koko the Panda Camera - Kidamento

Add a Kidamento camera to your child’s Christmas wish list! These cameras are the hottest new gift. Designed especially for kids, they’re a great way to encourage your children to discover and explore the world around them. Specifically designed for kids, they’re equipped with all the features of a digital camera - without the distractions, all while looking adorable with coverings that make them ultra-durable and cute. 

Check out our dedicated blog post about photography for kids and Kidamento cameras to learn more about the benefits of photography for children, as well as a few ways that you can develop your child’s interest in photography.


Maileg mouse

Christmas Mouse - Maileg

It wouldn’t be a Christmas wish list without the addition of a Maileg mouse! These collectible little mice are the perfect gift for little ones throughout the holiday season. Peek them out the top of your children’s Christmas stockings or put them on display alongside other Maileg accessories. Allow your kids to discover the Maileg universe with little mice that range in occupations, opening up a world of imagination and possibilities!


At CouCou, we know that holiday shopping can be stressful! Keeping up with your child’s interests, as well as toy trends only makes the shopping experience that much more challenging. Don’t stress! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by curating a collection of our top Christmas toys to give this holiday season. With options for girls, boys, and some of our CouCou favorites, you’re sure to find a gift that your little ones will love. 

At CouCou our collection of toys includes small-label brands that produce sustainably in small batches. These toys for kids are gifts you can truly feel good about gifting and are meant to be enjoyed for years and passed onto your children’s future kids. They’re also entirely classic, encouraging open-ended play and healthy childhood development. Gift the gift of timeless forever toys like wooden trucks, baby dolls, tea sets, bicycles, and more!

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