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The Misha and Puff Addiction

Misha and Puff

Misha and Puff Holiday Collection

CouCou (hello!) and welcome back to our blog! As we’ve grown our community here at CouCou both online and in our boutique, we’ve learnt a lot about the many beautiful children’s clothing brands that we stock and our customers' affection to each. But, one brand stands out above them all - Misha and Puff!

At CouCou, we’ve watched with each collection launch just how our community goes koo-koo (no pun intended) for Misha and Puff. Both in our shop and other retailers, as well as within the buy, sell, trade community, this beloved brand captivates the hearts and minds of moms everywhere and is certainly one of the most coveted brands in our boutique. 

Today we’ll be discussing the Misha and Puff ‘addiction’ and explaining why we’re personally so obsessed with the brand at CouCou. Believe it or not, there are still some pieces from this seasons AW23 and Holiday collections online at CouCou!

Why we love Misha and Puff at CouCou

The Misha and Puff attraction is quite obvious when you think about it. Creative designs that exude bold originality, unmistakable brand design, vintage nostalgia, ethical practices, incredible fabrics and quality craftsmanship. Yes, they have it all. Each design is pure fun and possesses a unique ability to blend and mix and match not just across individual collections but also through each of their past collections. From incredible Pima cotton pieces that kids absolutely love to wear every day, to exceptionally detailed knitwear pieces that are produced using traditional methods and of heirloom quality. 

Responsibly Made and Premium Quality

Misha abd Puff Sasha dress

Misha and Puff - Sasha Dress

Misha and Puff clothing pieces are unmistakably premium. Sold out in a matter of minutes, the knitwear might seem “hyped-up,” but it’s not all hype! After all, there’s a reason most pieces remain the most sought-after season after season. 

Each piece of Misha and Puff knitwear is created by hand in Peru by a small knitting team. This team either works from home or from a knitting center, where they’re provided with daycare for their children and meals. Why? Because it’s important that the people who knit these beautiful pieces are treated like family and in turn, take pride in the work that they do! You’ll even find the individual name of the talented knitter who created your sweater on the hangtag. 

Of course, we can all appreciate exceptional construction, but what sets Misha and Puff apart is its ability to deliver truly premium quality knitwear while also contributing to its community in a way that collaborates to benefit everyone and protecting the supply chain. 

There’s no doubt that Misha and Puff has positioned themselves very distinctly as a ‘slow fashion’ brand. Fans of the brand (like us), know what to expect from each collection, namely quality design pieces that feature adorable vintage-inspired designs with bold and playful patterns. Yet, somehow, with each collection Misha and Puff avoids ever appearing “expected” per se. 

That adorable Misha and Puff popcorn sweater you purchased for your daughter last year? It’s still equally adorable and relevant today. There’s no greater feeling than being able to see your children wear their beautiful clothing pieces for several seasons while also threading new pieces into their existing wardrobe. Not only that but the sustainability benefits of purchasing classic styles that can be worn over and over and then passed down or resold make the brand that much more desirable! 

The Woman Behind the Brand - Anna Wallack

It’s impossible to talk about why we love the brand Misha and Puff so much without mentioning its incredible creator Anna. As a mother from Boston, Massachusetts, she founded the brand after the birth of her first son, when she couldn’t find well-made warm wool pieces to keep him warm through New England winters. What started out as a passion for knitting beautiful clothing pieces for her newborn, turned into a line of internationally sought after children’s (and woman’s) brand known today as Misha and Puff. 

Not only that, but her past experience as a stylist led to her deep appreciation for the process of knitting. Instead of turning Misha and Puff into a big-label brand (which she definitely could have), she stayed true to her vision and chose to honor the tradition of hand-knit pieces. Each piece stands for quality, sustainability, ethical production practices, and style. As a small label brand, they produce in limited quantities to ensure only the highest quality. And of course, we can’t help but mention the brand’s unmatched resale value on pieces like the Misha and Puff skating pond skirt (definitely not the reason we fell in love, but it’s definitely a nice addition)!

Misha and Puff AW and Holiday Collections

At CouCou, we try our best to select a wide variety of pieces from each collection to curate our own special capsules. We would like to take one of each, but being a multi-brand small shop, that wish is impossible to fulfill! Each season we highly anticipate to see which of the pieces will be the most demanded by you, how you will style them on your children and what unique touches you will give those Misha outfits.  If you are a seasoned Misha and Puff shopper, you will know that you need to be at the ready on the second the collections launch as many pieces sell out within the first hour. But often the ones overlooked in the initial buying frenzy, are actually our personal favorites.

Here are a few of our hero pieces from this current AW and Holiday season (some of which have unfortunately already sold out)!

Misha and Puff Mabel dress

Misha and Puff - Mabel Dress in Jadeite Folk Tile

Sweet but bold. This Misha and Puff dress is made from ultra-soft Pima Cotton that our little ones adore. With classic detailing like a bib collar and mini ruffles, it nods to classic and nostalgic designs while still possessing the unmistakable Misha and Puff bold design elements we know and love. Fun patterns and a muted burst of colors make this dress so versatile for layering and wearing across seasons, meaning your little one can get tons of wear out of the same piece!

Misha and Puff cat sweater

Misha and Puff - Cat sweater in Spun Gold

Adorable and sold out in an instant! It’s pieces like this Misha and Puff Intarsia Cat Sweater that have become known for. Vintage design, responsibly made, and hand-knit with 100% merino wool, what’s not to love? 

Misha and Puff mittens

 There is something so comforting about knowing that classic mittens like this still exist. Hand-knit 100% merino wool mittens that are carefully attached by a crochet string for safe keeping through jacket armholes, are a must-have for little ones as we go into the cold winter months! Available in a variety of colors and sizes, we try to keep plenty of these cozy mittens in stock. 


By now it’s no secret that our Misha and Puff obsession is real! But can you blame us? Produced ethically in small batches, using only the finest materials, and featuring distinct styles that always stand out, Misha and Puff has become one of our most beloved brands here at CouCou. Knitwear staples like the Misha and Puff popcorn sweater or the pond skirt are both timeless and incredibly valuable on the resale market, but so are all their less expensive but still perfectly made, pima cotton separates. And, with each drop, these pieces sell out incredibly fast due to the fact that they’re produced in such limited quantities, which can make it frustrating at times, but even more special for those pieces you do have.

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That’s all for now, happy shopping CouCou friends. À Bientôt!