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Why We Love Maileg at CouCou

Maileg brother and sister

CouCou (hello), and welcome back to our blog! Today, we’re going to be discussing one of our favorite toy brands in the world, Maileg. It’s no coincidence that our CouCou mascot is a mouse! The world of Maileg mice is whimsical and intricate with a story threaded into each of their creations, something we also try to encapsulate through our lookbooks, videos, and blogs here at CouCou. 

And, we aren’t alone in our obsession with the Maileg mice, as our best selling toy brand, it would appear our CouCou family has fallen head-over-heels for the tiny Maileg mice! There is so much to love about this brand and so many pieces that we could gush over all day, but to start let’s talk a little bit about the brand itself.

The Maileg Mouse Story

Maileg is a charming Danish-born company that began with the vision of creating the most beautiful and detailed heirloom quality toys. And, although their collection includes bunnies, dogs, bears and other stuffies, the Maileg mouse world is the collection that has captured our hearts the most!

In the Maileg mouse's world, anything is possible! Matchboxes can become beds for mice and any activity is possible. The collection of mice consists of babies, little and big brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents and other characters that range from royal staff to explorers. From princesses to ballerinas, chefs, hikers, and everything in between, it is a world where cats and mice can be friends and where imagination and dreams collide. 

Think of each Maileg mouse as a character of a storybook where children have the opportunity to explore the pure and simple world of Maileg’s timeless toys. But it’s not just children that collect these mice! With new designs every season, adults far and wide have taken to collecting the Maileg mice too!  Most designs are limited edition, which means they are quite hard to find once out of production. The Maileg magical world is so detailed and layered and akin to our own lives, that pretend play naturally takes root and lasts for hours on end. 

Our Favorites from Maileg

The Maileg Mice

The Maileg mice lie at the heart of their mouse world. And, what makes these little mice so special is the attention to detail in their designs and the quality of craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Each mouse is made with care using only natural and recycled materials such as cotton, linen, wool, wood, and metal. Each mouse is either hand-made or finished by hand, meaning no two mice will be identical making them that much more special and lovable!

Maileg matchbox mouse

Maileg Little Brother Mouse in Matchbox

How adorable! This little brother mouse is so tiny and cute that he goes to rest in a little matchbox. We have to warn you… you will 100% fall in love with these little Maileg mice and want to add more to your collection! You can have tea parties with your mice, feed them, tuck them into their little matchboxes and take them on hundreds of adventures. They guarantee hours of fun and even parents find themselves falling in love with the Maileg mouse world. We know a certain owner of CouCou, who finds herself rearranging her daughters Maileg house when she’s not looking.

Maileg chef

Maileg Chef Mouse with Soup Pot and Spoon

This Maileg mouse is made for the kitchen. With his endearing little pot and spoon, he fits perfectly into the Maileg castle or mouse house. Cook up a storm and let your imagination run wild. This little mouse is a perfect example of the way in which Maileg effortlessly mimics the world around us.

Maileg santa mouse

Maileg Santa Big Brother Mouse

No holiday season is complete without the highly anticipated Maileg Christmas collections. This big brother Santa has the perfect suit, fluffy white beard, toy bag and his own tiny gingerbread house - a small replica of the full sized Gingerbread House adored and sought after every holiday season. 

The Maileg Castle

Maileg castle

Maileg Castle with Kitchen

If there is one thing more irresistible than a doll house, it’s the Maileg castle. Designed with special prints that give it a nostalgic look and feel, it welcomes a world of imagination for children big and small. It comes in three parts, so you can start with one tower, add the Castle Hall and then finish with the other tower.

The best part?

You get to decorate your Maileg castle for each season or occasion. One of the most enchanting things about the Maileg mouse world is just that - that it is an entire world! In the Maileg mouse universe, kids get to create and imagine their own stories. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of our favorite Maileg furniture for decorating your castle or Maileg dollhouse.

Maileg Furniture

Maileg fireplace

Maileg Fireplace in Vintage Blue

What makes the Maileg furniture so special is its incredible attention to detail. This fireplace actually turns on! What better way to create a realistic world for your Maileg mice than by designing a special space for them to play and discover?

When it comes to Maileg furniture, you can start small and add on over time, keeping the excitement fresh for years on end. Swap things out seasonally and decorate just as you would your very own home. Their collection also includes adorable Maileg Christmas decor that makes it perfect for building and growing your Maileg mouse world collection. 

Maileg vintage lamp

Maileg Vintage Floor Lamp in Dark Mint

We love these vintage pieces of furniture here at CouCou! Why? Because they’re so nostalgic. Instead of transporting us into a hot pink world like that of Barbie, they bring us comfort and warmth the way our own home would!

Maileg dining table and chairs

Maileg Dining Table Set with 2 Chairs

It’s tea party time! Or, it’s time to feast on one of the chef's latest creations. Furnish your Maileg dollhouse or castle with dining sets, chairs, beds, and everything in between. What makes these furniture pieces so special is that you get to customize your own Maileg world and create it exactly as you imagined! 

Final Thoughts

Picture this: a magical world where mice have dinners in castles, endless siblings and family members, vintage cars, hiking adventures in the woods, tea parties with French desserts and adventures that take on every shape and size. That's the Maileg universe, and let me tell you, CouCou is head over heels for it! Imagine matchboxes turning into cozy beds, mice with dream careers (like a chef with a tiny soup pot), and a castle that's basically a playground for your imagination! Adults are totally hooked on collecting these limited-edition cuties too. And the furniture, it's like designing your own mouse mansion! From vintage floor lamps to dining sets, you can create a whimsical world that's as fun as it gets.

At CouCou, we’re completely obsessed. After all, our very own logo is an adorable mouse too! Discover our Maileg collection online today to build your very own Maileg mouse world.

  • Until next time, à bientôt!