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Why Wooden Toys Are Better: Fagus Toys

Fagus toy

CouCou (hello!) everyone and welcome back to our blog! Today we’ll be talking all about wooden toys, specifically wooden toys from the brand Fagus. It’s no secret that we love classic and nostalgic toys here at CouCou, and for that reason, Fagus is one of our most cherished toys brands.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the brand, as well as why wooden toys are better!

About The Brand: Fagus

Faugus, pronounced “Fah-goos,” hails from Borken, Germany. And, it’s aptly named after the Latin word “Fāgus,” meaning beech. As a toy brand that has centered each of its toys around the material of beech wood, we could not have imagined a better name for the brand ourselves!

Since 1981, Fagus has been producing wooden toys by hand at their Büngern-Technik workshop, where they employ physically challenged adults. Besides creating work opportunities for adults with disabilities, the brand is known for nurturing the development of its employees, paying them fair wages, and promoting social skill development. 

In a world where most toys are mass-produced using petroleum by-products in Asia, Fagus stands out as a symbol of quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and social responsibility. Produced in small batches, each wooden toy from Fagus is handcrafted without the use of nails or screws. Each toy is manually edged, cut, and finished with environmentally friendly lacquers that are safe for children!

So, why do we love Fagus at CouCou? What’s not to love? The brand marries quality craftsmanship with nostalgic play to offer durable toys that are designed to last a lifetime! And, the core values of the brand make us proud to offer them as part of our toy collection here at CouCou.

Why Wooden Toys Are Better

Fagus wooden mobile crane

Fagus Wooden Mobile Crane

Wooden toys have long been cherished for their irresistible aesthetic. I think we can all agree that they look great in your children’s bedroom or playroom. Unlike plastic toys, they add a touch of nature to your surroundings. But, it’s not just about aesthetics! There are real benefits to wooden toys that make them that much more desirable of an investment.

Wooden toys offer a tactile experience to children that promotes open-ended play. Because these toys don’t have batteries that make sounds or bright shining lights, they provide children with a tranquil play environment that allows them to delve into their own world of imagination and creativity. 

And, you don’t have to take our word for it. Even Montessori schools use wooden toys! Although Montessori has their own set of toys, they follow very similar principles. They encourage children to explore their own world of play, which is proven to support childhood development and creativity. At CouCou, open-ended play through classic and nostalgic toys are so important to us! We even have a full blog post about open-ended play. 

There are so many benefits to wood toys that extend beyond their developmental benefits and aesthetics. For the environmentally conscious parent, wooden toys are no doubt more sustainable than their plastic counterparts. They’re also considerably safer for children, which is the most common concern we hear from parents! While they are heavier than plastic toys, they contain far less chemicals than plastic toys making them a safer option.

Our Favorite Fagus Toys at CouCou

Fagus basic truck

Fagus Basic Truck Unimog

It’s no secret that the most popular toys within Fagus’ lineup are their wooden toy trucks! Kids who want the best wooden trucks will instantly recognize the quality and solid construction of these vehicles. With even their basic wooden truck, kids can sweep away dirt and plow away snow with extension kits that bring these toys to life and enhance the creativity associated with playing! 

Fagus wooden fire engine

Fagus Wooden Fire Engine

There are countless possibilities for imaginative play with these wooden toy fire trucks! Whether they’re creating their own imaginative stories or replicating what they see in real life with the fire engine heading off to an emergency, the Fagus Wooden Fire Engine is a favorite among both young and older children. The ladder on the truck extends and swivels all the way around, ensuring no fire is too much for your little one to reach!

Fagus wooden semi trailer

Fagus Wooden Semi-Trailer Truck

The 5th wheel semi-trailer truck is based on the North American design with the cab close to the trailer. The tractor connects to the trailer with a peg and hitch mechanism and features folding tarpaulins on both sides for realistic play!

Fagus wooden dump truck

Fagus Container Skip Dump Truck

The Fagus Container Skip Dump Truck is a favorite among parents, with kids of all ages making endless fun out of collecting garbage. But, there’s more to this seemingly mundane task than meets the eye and parents can give kids a lesson in recycling and sustainability!

All around the world children are taught to compost, recycle, and throw away what is left over. This means that play garbage trucks can be fun and educational at the same time. Transport trash to its final destination, the resource recovery facility or sanitary landfill, and give kids a hands-on way to learn and participate in the fun! 

Final Thoughts

Fagus wooden toys are among the best when it comes to wooden toys. And, at CouCou, we can't get enough of them! Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility is top-notch. What’s not to love?

These wooden toys aren’t just pretty to look at; they're like a gateway to a world of imaginative play! No flashing lights or noisy battery-operated sounds, just pure, creative fun. And guess what? Even Montessori schools are on board with wooden toys' awesomeness!

From basic trucks to fire engines and semi-trailers, these beautifully made wooden toy trucks are not only cool but also built to last. Fagus toys can handle generations of playtime and still look fantastic! Classic, nostalgic, and sentimental, these wooden toys from Fagus can be passed down to let the fun continue for generations. Discover our selection of Fagus toys online today at CouCou and join us in celebrating this wonderful brand!

-À Bientôt (see you soon) CouCou family!