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What is a Mystery Box? The Fun and Economical 2024 Shopping Trend

What is a Mystery Box? The Fun and Economical 2024 Shopping Trend

Coucou (hello) and welcome back to our blog! Today, we’ll be discussing the rise of mystery boxes. There’s something so exciting about the elusive nature of mystery boxes. Not only have they reimagined and rewritten the shopping playbook, but they’ve also added layers of benefits that reach far beyond their initial novelty. 


At CouCou, we’ve begun to introduce mystery boxes into our shopping selection both online and in-stores! But, before we talk about how amazing our mystery boxes are, allow us to explain what mystery boxes are and why you should consider buying one.

What is a Mystery Box?

The concept of a mystery box is pretty simple. You pay a set price, and you receive a box of mystery items. In the case of a clothing mystery box, you’ll receive a box full of clothes. The catch is that you don’t know exactly what’s inside. And that’s the fun! You could receive a mix of clothing items, shoes, accessories, and more. The mystery is what makes these boxes so exciting. And often, like with CouCou’s mystery boxes, yours will be curated especially for you.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Mystery Box Online

Mystery boxes aren’t just a novelty! They offer so many benefits, which is why they’ve exploded in popularity recently, especially online. Here are a few of the reasons we at CouCou think you should consider buying a mystery box.

  • Value
  • Discovery
  • Sustainability and Reselling
  • Unmatched Value

    The value of clothing mystery boxes is that you usually receive a lot more than what you paid for. For example, a $100 clothing mystery box could contain upwards of $300 worth of merchandise. You’re essentially getting a huge discount on the items inside the box. This is especially great for people who love a good deal and don’t mind not knowing exactly what they’re getting, but trust the brand it’s coming from. Some mystery boxes even contain more than just clothing. They could contain a mix of clothing, shoes, accessories, and even toys! The only downside is that you don’t know what you’re getting. But, if you’re open to trying new toys and clothing styles and expanding your wardrobe, a mystery box could be a fun and affordable way to do that. 


    At CouCou especially, everything we carry in our collection is incredibly curated. Our owner Astrid takes pride in the brands she’s built relationships with and the exclusivity of the items she carries in her boutique. So, even though you have no idea what you’ll be getting in a mystery box, you can rest assured that it’ll be filled with beautiful pieces at a price point that you can’t beat! Plus, with our Mystery Boxes, you tell us what you need most, things you don’t like and other details that we will absolutely take into consideration when curating your box.

    Discovery of New Brands and Styles

    For shoppers, mystery boxes offer an opportunity to discover new brands and products. And, if they like what they receive, they’re likely to shop those brands and products in the future. Mystery boxes are a great way to discover brands that you may have never otherwise considered buying! Similar to receiving a gift, mystery boxes are a fun way to discover new items and brands that you didn’t select yourself. We’ve all received a gift that we might not have chosen, but that later became one of our most prized possessions. Mystery boxes offer this same discovery experience x10!


    Here at CouCou, it’s no secret that we carry an incredible collection of designers and brands. And, unless you’ve been a part of our CouCou family for a while, chances are you haven’t experienced all of them. This is where mystery boxes come in! You get to experience incredible brands and discover the unique identity and feel that each one offers. And, mystery boxes are put together with available merchandise, meaning each mystery box is unique and exclusive. These boxes are super fun to order for siblings or friends so that they can compare the items they receive and even trade with each other!

    Sustainability and Reselling

    Another reason you should consider buying a mystery box is because they’re a sustainable way to shop! As the fashion industry becomes increasingly more sustainable, consumers are looking for ways to shop that are both budget-friendly and environmentally conscious. All too often, retail shops will sell off their over-stock to 3rd parties that will end up dumping any unsold merchandise into landfills. That makes us gasp! Instead of doing something so dreadful, Mystery boxes offer a sustainable way for retailers to repurpose past season inventory and a more sustainable way for customers to shop. And, with the potential to receive high-value items, mystery boxes are a great way to score big without contributing to overconsumption. For those that don’t want to keep the items that they receive, reselling platforms like Facebook, Poshmark, and Depop offer a way for consumers to recoup the cost of their mystery box and even turn a profit!


    At CouCou, we talk a lot about sustainability and reselling. For starters, the brands that we carry at CouCou have been carefully selected because they’re fairly produced in small batches ensuring the best practices in sustainability. Not only that, but our amazing brands are known to hold their value and even sell for a profit on the resale market. If you want to learn more about the resale market, we’ve written an entire blog post dedicated to the topic of buying, selling, and trading where we share the exact Facebook pages we recommend checking out.

    Final Thoughts

    Mystery boxes are a fun and exciting way to shop, offering countless benefits that go far beyond their initial novelty! At CouCou, we've introduced mystery boxes into our selection, offering our customers the opportunity to experience the excitement and value of these boxes. With the potential to contain a mix of clothing, shoes, accessories, and more, mystery boxes are a great way to score a lot of value for a small price. They also offer the discovery of new brands and styles, and an opportunity to resell items for a profit. Most importantly, mystery boxes can be a sustainable way to shop, especially if you use them as a way to discover brands and resell the items you don’t want. 

    If you’re looking for a way to shop that’s both fun and budget-friendly, mystery boxes are a great option to consider! And, if you’re a fan of our brands here at CouCou, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve included many of our amazing brands in our mystery boxes! Discover our selection of mystery boxes online today.

    -Until next time, à bientôt CouCou family!

    Hannah Waddell
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