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Medium Foldable Toy Basket in Lavender w/Embroidery

$ 162.00
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Medium storage box with the finest floral embroideries – made of the natural and environmentally friendly material raffia. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it's also super practical. The box has handles on both sides and a lid, so you can easily and quickly hide away everyday clutter... Oh, and then it can be folded!

Clean up time just got better.  Use this beautiful toy/storage box to put away your little one's things and keep his room looking tidy.  Or use it for any other part of the house to store things neatly.

With so many to choose from, it will be hard to get just one. This is part of a 2-size

Size:18" long x 12" deep x 14.5" high

About RICE Raffia products: 
As part of their product line, RICE have a large selection of Raffia products. Raffia fibers come from palm fronds which truly thrive on Madagascar. One of the first products made by RICE was a basket in this great material.
The Raffia products are all handmade and our production supports more than 300 families on the Red Island.
Raffia varies in color from nature and this variation is reflected in the coloring. This means two items are never quite alike - this is part of the product’s charm.
We dye the raffia with Basic Dye, which is free from AZO.