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Boys Skin Goals - Gentle Cleansing Lotion

$ 19.00

A super-gentle starter cleanser for young faces that has the effective cleansing power they need, without stripping their delicate skin of essential moisture. Vitamin-soaked oils, virgin coconut and kukui lift away impurities and leave skin feeling balanced and soft. All-star essential oils like chamomile, lavender and mint calm, refresh and combat blemish-causing bacteria.

DEAR TWEEN We’ve created this cleanser to be gentle enough to clean a 9-year-old’s skin, but effective enough to keep blackheads and spots at bay on anyone from 11-15. The genius bit? It does all this without affecting your skin’s natural ‘balance’.

Keeping your skin balanced is key to keeping it beautiful and clear of blemishes. If you’re using a cleanser that makes your skin feel dry or tight (like lots of anti-spot teen cleansers do), it’s a sign that the cleanser is too strong and is ‘stripping’ your skin. The weird bit is that stripped skin is just going to get greasier… and you know what that leads to? Yep, more blemishes…

We’re an earth-friendly, United Kingdom, brand formulated for the unique needs of tween/young teen skin between 8 and 15. We step in when the baby/child formulas don’t cut it anymore, with fun-looking products for skin and hair that are highly natural, super gentle and actually work. 
A starter kit for looking good, and smelling even better.


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